Hey Parker, your TikTok videos always seem to make me laugh so I’m happy to contribute to the cause.  I was wondering if you could do this screen play that I will post on my TikTok:

Parker: (Walks into room)

Steven: (Looks suspicious/surprised with a phone in a seated position)

Parker: What are you doing? (Confused tone)

Steven: Nothing (Acting to play it off)

Parker: What are you up to now? (As if Steven has done this look before)

Steven: Well (dramatic pause).  I think I found a way to hack into other people’s TikTok accounts.

Parker: Umm…

Steven: (Interrupts Parker) I’m going to post a video (As if he never had thought of this idea before).

Parker: Do not post a video (Stern voice)

Steven: I’m gonna do it.

Parker: Steven, give me the phone (Stern but nervous voice)

Steven: I’m gonna do it.

Parker: Steven…

Steven: (Interrupts Parker by jumping up, running away, and yelling the follow) Hey everyone!  Welcome my friend to the Dino Club and follow Michael Vidmar on TikTok! (Continuing to run away and screaming from Parker).

End scene.

Don’t worry if you mispronounce my last name, just do your best.  Plus it’s in Steven’s voice and he sometimes says things weird anyways.

I will then post this to my TikTok account with the headline:  OMG Steven just hacked my TikTok!! @parker_james


- Michael Vidmar @michaelvidmar

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