ASC Extended Warranties

Powertrain Warranty

Engine Components

All internally-lubricated parts, including: pistons, pins, rings, connecting rods and bearings, crankshaft and main bearings, camshaft, followers and cam bearings; push rods, valves, springs, guides, seats, lifters, rocker arms, shafts, bushings, core plugs, timing gear, timing chain or timing belt, belt tensioners and retainers; eccentric shaft, oil pump, oil cooler and oil cooler lines; engine block and cylinder head(s) are covered only if the failure occurred due to an internally-lubricated part.  Also covered are the following: water pump, fuel pump, oil pan, intake and exhaust manifolds; engine mounts and cushions; engine torque strut, timing cover, valve cover(s), harmonic balancer, flywheel (flex plate) and flywheel ring, vacuum pump, dipstick and tube, all pulleys, and all internally-lubricated parts of the turbocharger/supercharger, including waste gate, vanes, shafts, and bearings.  The turbocharger/supercharger housing is covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally-lubricated part.  Electric Vehicle Components: Main or primary drive electric motor.

Transmission Components

(Automatic or Manual) All internally-lubricated parts contained within the cases.  Transmission care and transfer case are covered only if the breakdown occurred due to an internally-lubricated part.  Torque converter, filler tube, dipstick, vacuum modulator, internal linkage, and transmission mounts are also covered.  Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Components: Transaxle, electronic transmission and electronics coils.  All specifications listed above also apply to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Drive Axle Components

(Front and Rear) All internally-lubricated parts contained within the differential housing, transaxle housing and final drive housing (includes housing if the failure occurred due to an internally-lubricated part); axle shafts, constant velocity joints, universal joints, drive shafts, locking hubs, hub bearings, locking rings, supports, retainers, and bearings.

Powertrain Plus Warranty

Everything listed in Powertrain, including the additional items listed below:

Air Conditioning Components

(Factory-Installed Units Only) Air-conditioner compressor, clutch, clutch pulley, clutch coils, electrical HVAC actuators, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, accumulator, orifice, idler pulley, bearing, ducts and outlet tubes, temperature control programmer, power module, high/low cut-off switch, and receiver/dryer.

Heating/Cooling Components

Thermostat, radiator and mounting brackets; fan shroud and fan controller module; coolant recovery unit; heater ducts and cabins; blower motor, heater core, fan, fan clutch, and fan motor.

Electrical Components

Starter, alternator, voltage regulator, distributor, ignition coil, wiring harness, solenoids, ignition switch, lock and tumbler, brake-light switch, wiper motors, horn button and horns, driver’s side (steering wheel) airbag, manually-operated switches, power-door locks, window motors and regulators, mirror motors and controls, power-antenna motor, power-seat motor, cruise-control transducer, engagement switch and servo, turn-signal switch, wiper-delay switch and controller, wiper/washer controller and pump, power sunroof/convertible top motor and switches, relays, gauges, electronic level control module, instrument cluster, electronic mixture control unit and sensors, electronic anti-detonation sensors, keyless entry system, and electronic anti theft device (factory-installed only).  Hybrid and Electronic Vehicle Components: Electronic motor, power controller, inventor, generator(s), electronic display monitor, electric vehicle power cord, and electrical inlet.  All specifications listed above also apply to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Braking Components

Master cylinder, power assist booster, wheel cylinders, combination valves, metal hydraulic lines and fittings, disc calipers, backing plates, springs, clips, retainers, and electronic anti-lock brake system (ABS) and replays; parking brake linkage and cables, and rear actuators Regenerative Braking System Components: Electro-hydraulic control unit, vacuum pump and reservoir, pedal feel simulator unit, intelligent alternator control, revolving flywheel, sensors, actuator, and wheel speed sensors.

Maximum Plans Warranty

In addition to the parts listed in Powertrain and Powertrain Plus, all other parts of the vehicle are covered, except those specifically excluded in the Service Agreement, covered by the manufacturer warranty, special policy or recall.  The below items are also included:

Suspension Components

Struts, mounting plates, retainer and bushing, upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bushings.  The upper and lower ball joints, steering knuckles, wheel bearings, stabilizer shaft, linkage and bushings, torsion bars, spindle and spindle supports, radius arm and bushings, coil and leaf springs, strut bar, and bushing.

Steering Components

Gear housing and all internally-lubricated parts, including the rack and pinion, power steering pump, main and intermediate shafts; couplings, cooler lines, power cylinder and pitman arm; idler arm, tie rod, tie rod ends, and control valve.  Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Electronic Power Steering Components: Steering assist motor, torque sensing device, sensors, and EPS electronic control unit.

Fuel Delivery Components

Fuel Tank, fuel tank sending unit, metal and plastic fuel lines, fuel injectors, transfer pumps, carburetor, throttle body, fuel distributor , fuel injection pump, diesel injectors, diesel injector pump, and vacuum booster pump.

Sales and Gaskets Coverage

Seals and gaskets are covered for all listed parts.

Wear and Tear

Coverage will be provided for normal wear and tear for all parts of the vehicle except for parts listed in the exclusions sections of the Service Agreement.

Key Guard

In the event that the covered vehicle’s key is lost, stolen or damaged, we pay a maximum replacement amount not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500) for the life of the contract.


24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Sign and Go – Includes:

o   Towing and Wrecker Service

o   Tire Change

o   Emergency Gas Delivery

o   Battery Jump Service

o   Lockout Service

Substitute Transportation

Reimbursement for substitute transportation up to $40 per day for a maximum of 6 days, plus 2 days parts delay if needed.  Maximum benefit per occurrence: $320.

Trip Interruption

Reimbursement for motels and meals up to $100 per day for a maximum of 3 days if breakdown occurs more than 100 miles away from your home and vehicle is kept overnight in a repair facility.  Maximum benefit per occurrence: $300.

Optional Coverage’s

Business Use

We will provide coverage for cars, trucks or vans used for the following purposes: route sales, inspections, maintenance, repair, landscaping, carrying tools to a job site and eligible vehicles owned by religious/charitable organizations.

Total Loss Protection

In the event that covered vehicle is declared a total loss by an automotive insurance provider due to a collision only, we will refund the full agreement purchase price up to $1,500 or the actual cash value of the vehicle, whichever is less, minus any paid or pending claims.  Proof of loss is required.

Brown Out Coverage

Coverage will be provided for damage to a covered electrical component caused by a brown out.  A brown out is defined as a reduction in power caused by an inadequate supply.


* Based on $1,200 warranty at 3.9% for 72 months.