Are you Ready For Spring?

by Concord Cars
2/12/2016 - Elkhart, IN
We are partnering up with Chiphone for an event to give all our customers the best rates!

Expanding Our Locations

by Concord Cars
1/23/2016 - Elkhart, IN
We recently expanded our Goshen location and not we are expanding our Elkhart / Westside location. Giving you more options to chose the best used car dealer in the state.

Ready For Winter?

by Concord Cars
1/11/2016 - Elkhart, IN
Over 100 AWD/4X4 vehicles in stock!

Best Used Car Dealer of 2015

by Concord Cars
4/30/2015 - Elkhart, IN
Elkhart County awarded us best used car dealer of 2015.